Innovating  Expert  Support

The availability of the internet and various types of mobile devices like netbooks, tablets and smartphones create opportunities for experts to work and collaborate anytime, anywhere, anyhow.

We are challenged to continuously innovate the concept of expert support by creating web-based (collaboration) applications based upon these technological innovations.

Of course experts already work and collaborate making use of integrated generic applications like for instance Google (gMail, Agenda, Docs), Microsoft Office (Outlook, Word, Excel).

These tools however are not sufficient when it comes to workflow support, gathering data, calculating and analyzing alternatives, generating reports and archiving and sharing knowledge with each other.

Concept  of  Expert  support

IKM focuses on relatively small groups of experts working and collaborating in a small specialist domain.

The solutions these specialists need can be described as follows:

For an optimal work environment, these solutions are to be seamlessly intergrated and to be considered part of a greater corporate IT-infrastructure. Here comes the knowhow and expertise of IKM into the arena.

Agile  Project  Management

Traditional project management approaches have difficulties in adjusting scopes and requirements because this implies disruption of plans and budgets. Guarding the scope looks like the only way to manage and control budget, efforts en time lines.

In our view you have to let go of the mind set that you have the best ideas before you start developing an solution and can specify the product in detail in advance.

A project management approach which anchors agility as its most important feature and can deal with change in a flexible way, will provide you as our client the most value against the lowest cost.